Automate Everything!

Leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to close loans faster at a lower cost and greater efficiency.

With RPA technology, you can now take any task that used to be time and labor intensive, and assign your new virtual workforce. Tasks that used to require entire departments, can now be automated, and virtualized requiring no human intervention.

Our Winning Formula:

          • No Per Bot Monthly Cost
          • Only Pay for Closed Loans
          • Mortgage Specific Rapid Development Platform
          • Our team sets up and maintains your RPA Bots
          • No Long Term Contracts – Month-to-Month program


Step 1

Give us your LOS API key and we’ll create a real time data warehouse with your loan data.

Step 2

With our help, Identify processes that create the highest ROI for your company.

Step 3

Once the processes are identified, we’ll create your LOS workflows in our software.

Step 4

We’ll deploy your bots and viola! Your work force has just increased.


For mission critical tasks, bots run 24/7 365 days a year. They never call in sick, never take vacations, and never have a bad day.



Bots can scale to 1 to 1000. If a company grows it can scale up with no effort, and if a company is not having a good year it can scale down.



The problem of human error is solved. Bots follow the same process with 100% efficiency.


Cost Savings

Bots function as people, but at the fraction of the cost.



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