Which Mortgage Processes Can Be Automated?

We can automate as much as 85% of the loan process through pre-built bots, and APIs. Bots move data from and to your LOS from website and documents, eliminating manual data entry and data entry errors.

DON’T PAY PER BOT!   Every bot on this list is included for one low fee.  And you only pay if your loan closes, there’s no cost unless the loan closes.

  • Property Address Validation
  • Property Report
  • Order Flood Cert
  • Appraisal Report, order and status monitoring
  • Work Number Automation
  • AUS Service (DU/DO/LPA)
  • MIN Searches with MERS
  • Pre-Close Credit reports
  • Uploading loan documentation to investors
  • QC files downloaded then uploaded to your QC company
  • Commission report – have a report that runs twice a month that gets emailed to Loan Officers for their approval
  • Initial Disclosures sent out automatically
  • Closing Disclosures sent out automatically
  • First Payment Letters
  • Good-Bye Letters
  • Split docs- initial, closing-hybrid (Beta)
  • GinnieNet Pool File upload
  • Home Counseling Updated
  • County & Tax Fees
  • LodeStar Integration automation
  • Lock Expiration Notification 3 day, 7 day
  • W-2/1099 Information Upload (extract data and update your LOS)
  • Bank Statement automation (extract data and update your LOS)
  • Pay Stub Automation (extract data and update your LOS)
  • Driver License Automation (extract data and update your LOS)
  • Mortgage Statement Automation (extract data and update your LOS)
  • DataVerify integration
  • Approval Certificate Automation


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