eRAMP MERS ICE Migration Update #3

Today we completed eRAMP communication testing with the new MERS ICE Data Center. Previously, as noted in our last update, eRAMP successfully completed SFTP testing. This morning we completed XML Online Registration testing. While we were very happy to confirm eRAMP would be able to submit loans to MERS ICE Data Center the key for Cyberlink was to be able to do so with minimum impact to our clients.

That said there are only two changes that need to be made to eRAMP on the Client Setup screen (Settings>Client). The SFTP Host IP address has to be changed to the new ICE Data Center IP Address for testing and ultimately changed to the IP Address for production when you go live. The second change will be to the Online Registration URL. MERS provides two URLs for Online Registration. One for training/testing and the other for production when you go live. For specific details about IP Addresses and URLs MERS provides a document called ICE Migration Info Sheet. The ICE migration document has been distributed to MERS members and is available from MERS website. eRAMP will not require an update to communicate with the new ICE Data Center. Please be aware testing was completed using Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operation systems. These two Windows operating systems are the only versions of Windows with the proper TLS version at the core to communicate with ICE.

What’s next; with testing completed by Cyberlink all eRAMP users should test eRAMP as soon as possible by changing the IP Address and URL using the test information provided by MERS. MERS has sent notices to all members requesting completion of testing by June 29th. Depending on how you would like to test eRAMP you could simply change the SFTP IP address and Online Registration URL in eRAMP to the test credentials. Or setup eRAMP on a separate workstation, not connected to your live version of eRAMP. If this is the case please contact support at for instructions or assistance.

Please visit eRAMP Client Resource Center for ICE conversion updates. If you have questions please submit a ticket through our support center at

Thank you,

eRAMP Support Team

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