More Business - Less Work

Time is very valuable, especially when you’re in the mortgage business. At Cyberlink Software Solution, our mission is to increase your per employee closed loan count while lowering your costs and increasing your efficiency. We’re a software development and consulting outsource company that’s run by experienced mortgage professionals. We are focused on helping clients solve problems with their LOS systems so they can optimize their lending operations. We have more than 20 years of administrative experience in the industry.

As we’ve worked with clients over the years deploying software solutions, we’ve learned that time delays and road blocks were common prior to our arrival. The LOS system wasn’t usually the problem, it was finding someone on staff who had a deep understanding of the software. That’s where we can really benefit your business. We have experience setting up new enhancements, organizing and managing data, and maximizing the functionality of your MeridianLink® Mortgage platform.

Custom Management Services

Working as a third-party integrator with MeridianLink Mortgage®, we found many of our MeridianLink Mortgage® clients needed help managing their LOS. There wasn’t enough work to keep a full-time employee busy 8 hours a day, five days a week, but there were many system tasks that needed to be completed. Based on our client’s demand for MeridianLink Mortgage® Administration on a part time or contract basis, Cyberlink Consulting started offering Cyberlink Admin Services as a customizable package.

Cyberlink’s MeridianLink Mortgage® admin on contract program is designed to create a work environment for your MeridianLink Mortgage® users that maximizes efficiency, improves quality, reduces costs, and  helps focus more time on closing loans. As mortgage professionals, we know every minute spent by a Loan Officer clicking or typing into fields is one less minute they have to sell loans. When underwriters, processors, funders and shippers are double checking numbers or working through data entry, fewer files move from their queue or get a decision made. Automating the entire loan process by configuring custom workflow, hard-stops, notifications, checks and balances, data entry and business rules is what we specialize in.

Our team works on all aspects of MeridianLink Mortgage® and associated vendors to keep your team focused on the mortgage business. To learn more about our administration services or our software solutions,  give us a call or contact us below.

We Solve System Problems - If You Need It and It's Not Getting Done, We will Get It Done Now!