One Solution for Every MERS Transaction

Looking for a way to simplify all of your MERS transactions? You can save valuable time while improving efficiency and productivity with eRAMP, a powerful and intuitive software solution. eRAMP is designed to be used with your existing Loan Origination System (LOS) by organizing your loan file data into a logical, easy-to-read set of screens. eRAMP simplifies all types of MERS functions, including:

eRAMP makes working with loan files quick and easy with advanced filters and automated processes. Rather than searching for and installing a bunch of different tools, you can get all the MERS functionality you need in one solution. We’ll also provide all the ongoing support you need so that you can take advantage of all the features eRAMP has to offer

Increase Your Productivity

Manual data entry was once the only way to get MERS data from one point to another, but that’s no longer the case. The automated processes offered by our MERS transaction software will cut the busy work required by your staff significantly. There are an abundance of reasons why mortgage professionals love eRAMP, including:

eRAMP works with all loan origination systems using a standard CSV file

eRAMP is able to provide all of these benefits by using a standard CSV file that works with all loan origination systems*. No matter what your existing setup is, our software will make your processes a whole lot simpler. Please request a demo below to evaluate all that eRAMP has to offer.

"I have had a wonderful experience using eRAMP. The ease of use and support has been really great! I highly recommend eRAMP for improved productivity and increased speed in your post-closing process."

Melissa C 

Loan Servicing Administrator

A Simple Payment Option

At Cyberlink Software Solution, we strive to make things more simple for our clients, and we extend that premise to our payment options. We have a flat-rate payment plan where you can use eRAMP Standard with Access database or eRAMP for SQL for one low monthly payment. This plan includes updates and full support so you never have to worry about missing the latest and greatest features.


LOS Integration and Status Update

If your office uses the MeridianLink  Mortgage loan origination system, we provide a simplified setup and streamlined workflow.  Our MeridianLink Mortgage integration auto populates the registration status date, transfer of rights status dates and uploads exclusive registration confirmation certificates into EDocs for every loan registered.

Download PDF flyer for more details

Encompass, OpenClose and LendingPad users have an easy way to update Registration and Transfer of Rights status dates using third party data upload tools. eRAMP has a covenant export file available for Encompass and other LOS users to keep MERS status synchronized.

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