Company Overview

Cyberlink Software Solutions, Inc. is a business software development company that’s been creating innovative applications for professionals since 1995. We specialize in software solutions for mortgage and real estate businesses both national or local. We offer a wider range of products and services, including software created by Cyberlink, project management, custom software development, off the shelf solutions, Internet and Intranet consulting, and design and development.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Cyberlink Software Solutions, Inc. is to design and deliver software programs and business solutions with features and innovations not available through other lending software. Cyberlink is devoted to making its applications the easiest to use in the industry. We continually seek the latest and greatest programming tools to incorporate into our products, and we always review and test features and abilities to discover what can provide the most benefit to our clients. We always make sure our expanded innovations are easy to understand and simple to operate. Cyberlink products are designed and refined in collaboration with our business partners. Our products help lenders improve productivity and efficiency.

CEO Message

At CSSI, our job is to keep our customers competitive in the field of mortgage lending. We give them the power to out compete the competition without having to become computer technicians. We handle the technology issues so our customers can focus on what they do best. This improves efficiency, productivity, and return on investment. Our software experts are the technical resource for the mortgage and real estate industry.

We are people who enjoy what we do and want to the best job possible. We strive to always exceed all your expectations.