MIN Number Generator

Speed up your processes

MINGenerator is the ultimate system for creating MIN numbers in bulk for your correspondents or internal departments. Rather than spending valuable staff time creating identifiers manually, you can create one to thousands of MIN numbers and instantly send the list electronically wherever you need it to go. With the option to create MIN numbers as text or as an Excel spreadsheet, you’ll have the flexibility you need to fulfill a wide range of objectives.

In addition to generating MIN numbers, MIN Generator can track batches of MIN identifiers and register them for their assigned receiver. It also includes a validation program so that your staff doesn’t have to spend valuable time validating manually. We designed MIN Generator to help professionals like you save time and improve productivity.

What MINGenerator Can Do For You

Filter entries by date, quantity, and recipients

Use a built-in distribution registry

List numbers as Excel spreadsheet or ASCII text file​

Automate distribution by email​