eRAMP MERS ICE Migration Update #2

May 4, 2018

Today we met with our MERS ICE conversion specialist to test eRAMP’s XML Online Registration and SFTP Batch processing connectivity. Communication testing was successful. The current production version all eRAMP users are using was able to login to both XML Online Registration and SFTP Batch processing. The only changes to eRAMP that are required is to update the SFTP IP address and username on the Client setting screen. The only eRAMP change required for XML Online Registration to work is to change the URL. Both XML and SFTP will required a new password to log into MERS system once the ICE conversion is ready for transaction testing.

The second step in testing was to submit a file to XML Online registration and SFTP Batch processing. XML was unsuccessful do to a configuration issue in Cyberlink’s user profile. ICE will research the error and make the necessary changes to Cyberlink’s profile so we can re-test next week. SFTP processing was successful submitting a transaction file and receiving confirmation.

What’s next; as soon as ICE confirms the profile correction to Cyberlink’s profile we will retest submitting a file through the XML Online Registration system. Next step testing for SFTP is to confirm eRAMP receives the consolidated transaction report for transaction reconciliation. Timing to complete testing for the next two tests will be based on ICE’s test schedule. We will let our users know the results as soon as the test have been completed.

Our key concerns were if eRAMP would be able to connect using the new ICE communications setup and if not, what programming changes would be required. Our technicians felt there would be no programming changes required to make the initial connection and today’s tests confirmed they were correct.

Please visit eRAMP Client Resource Center for MERS ICE conversion updates. If you have questions please submit a ticket through our support center at

Thank you,

eRAMP Support Team

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