MERS ICE Data Center Migration Update

We’ve had a lot of really good questions from our eRAMP users regarding migrating eRAMP to MERS new ICE data center. Now, thanks to outstanding communications from our partners at ICE we have something tangible to report to our users.

Based on a webinar earlier this week and documentation provided by MERS we have great news. We believe eRAMP will require no program changes to communicate and submit cases to MERS after the migration. The only change to be made in eRAMP will be users will have to update the SFTP IP address on eRAMP’s Client screen. For eRAMP users using MERS Online Registration option no changes will be required. Pretty easy, right?

To make sure eRAMP has an open path to get to MERS ICE data centers users may have to have their IT department whitelist MERS new IP addresses. For more information about IP addresses please visit MERS member’s area of their website and download MERS ICE Migration Info Sheet. If users have not already downloaded MERS ICE Migration Info Sheet we recommend they do this right away. From the member’s area of MERS website in the lower right corner of the page there are several download options. Click the option to download the Migration info sheet. Users will find 10 pages of very valuable information to help them understand the process MERS is taking to complete their migration to ICE data centers.

Here’s a copy of the process overview from the migration info sheet that we will be following:

Process overview

  1. a) Phase 1 – February-March 2018 – Technical Migration Information provided to Members
  2. b) Phase 2 – March-July 1, 2018 – Members begin the setup process to ensure that their organizations are able to connect and to test connections to ICE data centers.
  3. c) Phase 3 – Switch over weekend in 3Q 2018
  4. d) Phase 4 – MERS Systems live at ICE data centers in 3Q 2018

While testing is just starting we had good success on our first test. We were able to establish basic communication with MERS Online. The first test went well and was completed on the first try. Additional testing is underway and should be completed well before ICE’s completion date of July 1, 2018.

As we move through testing milestones we will email updates. Please visit our Client Resource Center to get all the latest news about MER ICE migration and other Cyberlink news.

Thank you,

Cyberlink Support Team
www.Oncyberlink .com

MERS members should visit MERS website for more information

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