How to Improve Your Lending Operations

Loan Origination System optimization

The real estate market is booming in 2018. Prices are 10% higher than last year, and homes are selling a whole week faster in some of the countries largest housing markets. If you’re a lender, these are great reasons to get excited. Like chum in the water, however, this booming market attracts all the sharks. Competition is ferocious, and getting ahead still requires a special touch. What will keep your organization a step ahead in this booming market? If you’re like many lenders, it’s implementing a powerful software solution like LendingQB, MeridianLink Loans PQ, or BNTouch CRM.

For example, LendingQB system consists of a cloud-based loan origination platform connected to more than 300 best-of-breed integration partners. It combines advanced technology with dedicated services, resulting in enhanced process efficiency and greater ROI. The only problem is you and your employees might not know exactly how to take advantage of this powerful tool. Installing a brand new system can seem overly complicated and daunting, and you don’t exactly have the time to interrupt your operations to take on a large project. As a partner to LendingQB and other LOS companies, we know how to tackle these challenges.

Your Operations Partner

As our tag line suggests, we solve operational problems for our clients while they do what they do best. We do this by bringing our clients four valuable resources that have a proven track record with some of the most successful lenders in the industry. At Cyberlink, we call these resources K.E.V.E.: Knowledge, Efficiency, Validation, and Experience. Here are just a few of the reasons why K.E.V.E. could benefit your operations:


  • Knowledge – By working alongside consultants, you gain access to highly valuable information right at your fingertips. You can utilize us as a resource for a long, ongoing basis or for just a short special project. Think of us a knowledge tool you can use at your convenience.
  • Efficiency – Think of us as employees without benefits. We’re highly skilled professionals who can help with implementation or post integration, but you don’t need to deal with the hassles that comes with adding us to your payroll. Due to the nature of our business, we know how to learn assignments quickly.
  • Validation – In any business environment, it’s normal for employees to stick to specific habits and points of view. We can be the unbiased eye looking at a specific project or your overall business operations. We provide objective confirmation and supporting documentation when necessary.
  • Experience – We work in many different types of lending environments (Mortgage Bankers, Brokers, Lenders and Credit Unions) and may have encountered your particular project or challenge before. Through this experience, we’ve developed best practices to help you fulfill your most challenging objectives.


In upcoming posts, we’ll go into detail about how each aspect of K.E.V.E. has helped transform our client’s operations. Our ongoing, personalized support and guidance has empowered lenders in ways that have exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Why Lenders Love K.E.V.E.

Most lenders love the concept of hiring specialists to do the work that their employees do not have the time or expertise to handle. In-house projects fail more than they succeed for a variety of reasons: time to completion, cost to complete, loss of revenue due to preoccupied staff, etc.  If a project is worth doing and improves service and ROI, everything possible should be done to expedite completion. The resources provided by our consultants make achieving this goal realistic.

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