eRAMP TLS 1.2 Update for LendingQB Integration

If you are a LendingQB LOS customer your eRAMP and LendingQB integration has been updated to meet current Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 requirements. Our eRAMP seamless integration takes care of uploading MERS registration date to your loan record and our Registration Confirmation certificate to Edocs. Which means the update to TLS 1.2 does not require an update to your eRAMP software. Our end users do not have to make any changes or updates to their eRAMP or Windows operating system. Windows 8.1 and higher already support TLS 1.2 at the OS level so all eRAMP users with Windows 8.1 or higher are ready to go.

For more information about uploading MERS registration dates and Registration Confirmation Certificates to your LendingQB system visit our Cyberlink University at

If you have questions or need the password for Cyberlink U please submit a ticket through our support center at

Thank you,

eRAMP Support Team