We love it when a plan comes together

Here at Cyberlink we love it when a plan comes together. Especially a plan to improve lending operations and efficiencies. We like it so much that it’s pretty much all we talk about, even during our off time. Since the majority of our family and friends are also in the lending business, conversations all come back to lending.

Knowing that we love to talk about everything lending we had a great idea; let’s talk about lending even more! Let’s start a blog where we can share our ideas, hear from our lending friends and help improve systems utilization and operational efficiencies. And to make it even more interesting let’s call our new blog, Blog!

So, here’s the deal; let’s have some fun and bring our ideas and questions together and learn from each other. Since we work to improve lending efficiency, optimize lending systems and help lenders improve productivity for MERS, LendingQB LOS and LoansPQ let’s focus our discussions around these three areas. From our blog we will send out ideas, questions and comments and would like all our lending friends and partners to join us contributing their own ideas, questions and comments. Like a round table discussion minus the table, being in the same room or being together at the same time. Sound interesting? We hope so for everyone who joins us.

 If you came to our Blog looking for customer support for eRAMP for MERS, MINGenerator for MERS, LendingQB or LoansPQ optimization please visit our Client Resource Center at www.oncyberlink.com/client-resource. This blog is not the correct place to look for answers to customer support questions.

Thank you for stopping by our blog or picking up this blog post from one of our internet partners. Please come back and joins us for the next round of discussions.

Best Regards,

Ernie B
Cyber Support Specialist @
Cyberlink Software Solutions, Inc.

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