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I’m always looking for ways for our clients to optimize their lending operations. To me improving what we do every day is not an option, it’s a mandate. With that in mind when I find a way for my clients to do more business with less work, I’m interested in learning more. Here’s an example of a new service that will help a lot of our clients and other lenders.

Yesterday Jim Paoline at LodeStar give me a demo of their new loan estimate fee quote system. It was so easy to use and the LendingQB integration was a no brainer, so I wanted let everyone know about this new time savings solution.

The new integration with LendingQB allows lenders to save time and money by automating the fee quoting process for the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure.

You can instantly quote closing costs that are 100% guaranteed by LodeStar. Quotes include taxes, recording fees, and title costs. Click this link for a little more information about Lodestar’s Guaranteed Loan Estimate Quotes with LendingQB integration.

I’m not part of LodeStar and I’m not a Lodestar expert or a paid spokesperson, so if you would like more information or a demo reach out to Jim Paolino. Here’s Jim’s contact information:

Jim Paolino, CEO
LodeStar Software Solutions
646-849-1701 (o) 401-255-5040 (m)

On the other hand, if you are looking for assistance with lending projects, MERS Transaction automation, LendingQB Optimization, BNTouch Mortgage Consulting, please remember Cyberlink Software Solutions. Visit our website site at for more information or better yet, give me a call.

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Greg Uttal
Cyberlink Software Solutions, Inc.

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