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New data distribution option streamlines MERS transaction management for Encompass, BytePro and most other LOS systems


A small change is making a big difference for Encompass, BytePro and other LOS users. The longest standing MERS transaction management system, eRAMP has added a new export function to make it much easier for LOS users to update dozens to thousands of loans in their systems in minutes with MERS transaction confirmation dates.

“Processing and updating one loan at a time is inefficient. Bulk processing is the way to gain maximum efficiency to reduce costs and errors when processing MERS loan transactions”, said Jeff Benoun National Sales Director for Cyberlink Software Solutions, Inc. developer of eRAMP for MERS. The new feature takes advantage of MERS data collected at time of loan registration and at transfer of rights so lenders can easily maintain MERS transaction status in their loan origination system in real time without manual data entry. Accurate records in the lender’s central point of data collection is important.

eRAMP’s new data distribution option expands the previous LendingQB full integration solution that has been available for many years. Now lenders have more options using eRAMP for MERS, with more LOS systems than ever before. To learn more about eRAMP MERS Transaction Management System or to request a demo please visit our eRAMP product page.

About Cyberlink Software Solutions

Cyberlink Software Solutions, Inc. is a software development company that's been creating innovative applications for mortgage professionals since 1995. We offer in-house developed software products and consulting services, including LOS implementation project management, LOS optimization consulting and MERS process improvement solutions. For more information, please contact Greg Uttal at 800 518-0919 or visit https://www.oncyberlink.com

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